Monday, August 25, 2008

The Palmers & The Obamas: Sherry & Michelle

The hit television series staring Keifer Sutherland as Jack Bauer is almost just as much as the Palmer family as it is about Jack's family.

Maryland Senator turn President David Palmer, expertly played by Dennis Haysberth brings an excellent image of a strong leader and President, who happens to be black.

Although race plays a minimal part in this series, the images of this political family in the early days of a presidential campaign are compelling.

On a number of occasions I have thought about how Barack Obama could benefit from 24 viewership who respected the leadership of David Palmer, on the campaign trail and while in office.

Yet it wasn't until tonight when I watched Michelle Obama's speech live on TV from the Democratic National Convention in Denver, that I had a less positive connotation.

Sherry Palmer, the wife of Sen. David Palmer, is a compelling character (one who came in #3 on my ranking of 10 best supporting women of 24). Penny Johnson Jerald's portrayal is a compelling portrayal of a wife of democratic senator who will go to all lengths to see that her husband makes it in the white house. Her role as a fundraiser, mother, wife, and active philanthropist is redeeming and compelling, but behind the camera lens it is also deeply ugly.

Michelle Obama is a deeply compelling woman, and is a helpful voice in her husband's campaign, especially in their newest attempt to appear like "a regular run of the mill middle class American family." Yet tonight, her elegance, and simple control of language and portrayal of her family life made me think of Sherry Palmer. It made me think of her children Keith and Nicole, and it made me think of the Palmer campaign.

Granted, when it comes to 24, the fiction is bigger than real life ever could be. But you've got to wonder if the Obama's have ever watched that first season of 24, and what Michelle thinks of Sherry Palmer.

(And yes, that first picture is Sherry Palmer played by Penny Johnson Jerald, the second is the real Michelle Obama)


Magnus said...

Interesting. I hadn't made the connection, but will have to watch for it the next time I watch the first season of 24.
Many American's always seem to be befuddled that so many Canadians take an active interest in who the next US president is, but we are. (and if you are one of the befuddled it isn't hard to reason out why we are interested) I am ambivalent towards Obama and very mistrusting of McCain. I'd like Obama to be everything that his supporters believe he is, but I just can see it somehow.

Darrell said...

Is deeply compelling woman another way to sayharpy? ;)