Friday, September 05, 2008

"Not Creative" Halloween Warning or Costume Inspiration from 2008 Blockbusters

I don't know if you get dressed up for Halloween or not. Personally with the exception of a few years it was normal/practically-required to dress up for Halloween at a former place of employment, I have not dressed up, nor do I ever really want to.

But, if it's your style to find your inner child for the holidays...I want to warn you, that dressing up as the person pictured below is not creative...

I might be wrong, but I imagine that Heath Ledger's Joker will be a commonplace sight for the 2008 Halloween season...just like that dumb Scream mask that everyone wore after Scream became a hit Summer blockbuster.

Granted, the Joker encapsulates so many Halloween themes...creepy + scary + Clown + face paint + dyed hair. But it's just not that creative...and how many Jokers do you really want to see running around on October 31st this year?

I am curious to see if the popularity of Iron Man carries over into costumes this year (it seems like it'd make a great addition to the little kid costumes like Batman and Spider-Man that are very common). about some other inspiration from the 2008 season. How about dressing up like Wall-E...well executed, that'd be pretty neat. Or even Kung Fu Panda?

Or how about Maxwell Smart & Agent 99?

Otherwise, most the "costumes" of 2008 so far seem like recycled characters, Indiana Jones, the Hulk, and of course Batman.

Anyways...I don't know why, but it's been on my mind. I just see it coming.

(Plus, if any StrangeCulture readers do dress up with a Hollywood theme...I'd love to post your picture...even if you do dress up as the Joker.)


b13 said...

What I liked about so many people wearing the Scream mask was that it mimicked the film. Characters embraced the murders and imitated the murderers. And seeing them all running around was quite comical.

Russah said...

That is so true. I have already seen people dressed up as the Joker, and it was just for fun. I have no doubt that that will be THE costume of the year. It's too bad too, because that's a good one. I'll try for the Wall-E though...that'd be sweet.

crackers and cheese said...

I was thinking that Juno would be a fun costume (though that was a 2007 film), but I'd need to find a tall, skinny guy willing to don some short shorts.