Sunday, September 07, 2008

Will Peter O'Toole Adjust the Record Book with Dean Spanley?

The best actor catagory at this years academy awards is already looking very crowd, especially with the bio-pics, and a full handful of other potential favorites.

But...there's one leading man that Hollywood loves to nominate that has been getting positive buzz and that's Peter O'Toole for his performance in a film called Dean Spanley. Dean Spanley premiered just this past Thursday at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Dean Spanley tells the story of a father and son relationship during the Edwardian England time period. The film directed by relative newcomer Toa Fraser (his first film, No. 2, Won the World Cinema award in 2006), also stars Jeremy Northam and Sam Neill.

Peter O'Toole got the buzz in 2006 for Venus, for which he went on to receive his 8th academy nomination. But O'Toole simply score a nomination, not a win...setting his totals at 8 nominations for best lead actor in his career and never taking home an Oscar for any of those 8 performances (he did receive a lifetime achievement Oscar about 5 years ago).

With 8 nomination, and not a single win Peter O'Toole is a record holder...but if Peter O'Toole receives a nomination for this project he will also be tied with Spencer Tracey and Laurence Olivier who received 9 nominations for lead actor in there careers...the most lead nominations received by any actors. (Of course Spencer Tracy won an Oscar two of those 9 times, and Olivier won once).

(And suppose Peter O'Toole did get nominated AND won he would be tied with Henry Fonda for the oldest Best Lead actor winner)

Good luck to Peter O'Toole...although it seems at this stage in the game to be a competitive year in the best actor category, and with O'Toole's production schedule if he doesn't get nominated for Dean Spanley, he's not out of opportunities...his schedule for the next couple years is still looking full.

(O'Toole will also be seen in Home For Christmas about the life of Thomas Kinkaid.)

Dean Spanley picture from Rotten Tomatoes exclusive article from the set of the film.

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Fox said...

This is kinda morose... but seeing Peter O'Toole always makes me sad b/c I keep expecting to hear word of his death any day.