Saturday, November 22, 2008

I loved "Thank You For Smoking" & "Juno" let's talk "Up In The Air" & Anna Kendrick

I can hardly believe I'm going to write a blogpost with the word Twilight. But who cares, I'm doing it...and not just to get search hits.

But pictures above is Anna Kendrick, one of the actresses in the hit sensation Twilight. Kendrick plays Jessica Stanley, but to me, far more interesting is the character she has just been cast to play.

The Hollywood Reporter says that she has been cast to play the lead role in Jason Reitman's next film Up in the Air.

I personally I am really hopeful about the career of Jason Reitman who's first two projects...Juno which landed a spot on my 2007 top 10, and Thank You For Smoking landing on a spot on my 2006 top 10.

So with that, I have hope for Reitman's third project Up In The Air, as well as the casting decision to place relative unknown Anna Kendrick in the lead role (although she certainly will be more known after her Twilight role, her biggest prestige recognition is her Tony nomination in 1998 for her role as Dinah in High Society).

Also, exciting for the prospects of the film is the casting of Lone Ranger George Clooney as the other lead in the film, a "career transition counselor."

Up In The Air is based on a book by the same title written by Walter Kirn.

I am excited about the prospects of this film, and in a time where there seems to be such limited roles for female actresses, I think Reitman did an exceptional job at creating great roles for each female in Juno, including Jennifer Garner, Allison Janney, and of course, Ellen Page.

Here's to hoping the best for Anna Kendrick and the prospects of Up In The Air.


Moviezzz said...
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Lorna said...

well, I started reading the Twilight series a couple of years ago because it was fresh...I can't bring myself to see the movie. It's great to find someone whose work you like though, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Hated Juno. Pure crap. Anti-women, sexist, pro-life propaganda for teens. Might as well have been made by religious nuts, it was so obvious in its agenda.

Daniel Getahun said...

What Moviezzz said. I knew she looked familiar from something!

RC said...

@moviezzz & daniel, sounds like i need to see ROCKET SCIENCE.

as for ANON, your comments crazy. this film clearly effected you.

@LORNA, i wouldn't have expected you to be a twillight reader. But man, those books and now the movie, certainly has a wide audience.

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