Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whether You've Seen The Films or Not - The Awards Are Coming - Best Picture Predictions

It's hard to believe that the "big dog" film critic awards will be announced soon. Next week we should be hearing from the prestigious National Board of Review, shortly followed by the LA and New York film critics associations, and then in a couple weeks from now we'll even have the Golden Globe nominees announced.

It won't be long before some "wide open" fields might suddenly be filled with "locks" and near-guarantees of Oscar nods, maybe even wins. only seems appropriate that it's time to start digesting all this information to make some last "early" predictions before this all gets big.

So with that, I feel I should present some end of November Best Picture predictions.

Things Seem Pretty Likely
1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
2. Slumdog Millionaire
3. Milk

Just my Hunch, I'm Predicting They Also Get Nominated
4. Revolutionary Road
5. Doubt

Easily Could Replace My 4 & 5 Choices
6. Frost/Nixon
7. The Wrestler
8. The Reader
9. Australia

A Non-Surprising Surprise
10. The Dark Knight

Who Knows?
11. Defiance
12. Gran Torino

Pictured above is Brad Pitt...yes it really the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a film at this point that really seems to have the edge above the competition in the Oscar race this year.


Okie said...

Seems like some pretty good predictions. Admittedly I've only seen Dark Knight. I want to see Benjamin Button and Doubt.

I'll be curious to see what ends up making the list.

Daniel said...

I'm throwing my lot in with the one-word titles. Always seems to be an advantage.

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