Monday, January 26, 2009

Book Adaptations & Best Picture Nominations: Trend Revisited

In the 10 year period between 1997 and 2006 only 32% of Oscar Best Picture nominees came from films adapted from novels, and only 20% of winning films. By mid-2007 I had begun writing off the book-adaptation as a viable best picture front-runner, especially as the 2005 & 2006 ceremonies had no best picture nominees that came from adapted fiction.

2007 Fiction-based Films: Best Picture Nominees
Despite the lack of fiction-love by the academy in the 2 previous years, last years 2008 ceremony was a little different with 3 of the 5 nominees coming from adapted fiction.

(The other two nominated films Michael Clayton and Juno were written directly for screen, bucking a previous trend of historical films making the final cut, as all 5 nominees were pure fiction)

2008 Fiction-based Films: Best Picture Nominees
2009's nominated films similarly had 3 of the 5 nominations coming from adapted fiction
...and then 2 historical/biography films (Milk, and Frost/Nixon).

This changes the stats, with now, 40% of best picture nominees over the past 10 year being adapted from fiction.

And the trend over the past two years is even higher than that figure.

2009 Fiction-based Films
As 2008's film season is wrapping up, it makes us curious as to what books we might want to include on our reading list as we look to potential best picture nominees for 2009 films that come from adapted fiction sources. I've tried my best to create a complete list of books that have film adaptations scheduled or in pre-production for 2009.

Anyone willing to predict, which, if any, of these based-on-fiction films will be apart of Award season a year from now?

Which one's are you going to track down and read before they hit the theater?

Are then any I'm forgetting?


Loren Eaton said...

Shutter Island is probably my least-favorite Lehane novel -- the ending owes too much to The Usual Suspects -- but if Scorsese's doing it, then it will probably be pretty good.

Darrell said...

I'll probably see 2081, but I'm already wincing at the prospect. Vonnegut adaptations are often awful, and even the good ones aren't what you'd call crowd-pleasers. Harrison Bergeron is one of my favorite Vonnegut tales.... but my hopes for the film aren't very high.

RC said...

@Loren Eaton - I love the Lehane novel adaptations so far...they are so dark, but at the same time such intriguing stories...based on the past two films I can easily see Scorsese directing one of these films...Loren, do you have a request for another Lehane novel to be movie-ized?

@Darrell...honestly, my expectations for 2081 are pretty low too. Adapting those types of stories seems like something few can really succeed at.

elgringo said...

Push : a Novel by Sapphire -- I saw this at Sundance. It's by #1 of the year. There's nothing coming out in the next 10 months that'll touch this movie, I guarantee it. :) Now it's time to read the book.

Shutter Island - I hadn't heard of this one but I just reserved it from the library.

A Single Man - As long as Matthew McConaughey doesn't somehow land the lead role...