Sunday, February 01, 2009

Trivia: Name The Actors and What They Have in Common

How about a little trivia?

Name the following two actors and what they have in common.

(Congrats to Aaron for naming the Actors and their connection...his answers in the comment section.)


kidicarus222 said...

Is the top one Steve Guttenberg? And the bottom one is Cuba Gooding Jr.

Is the thing they have in common that they're both closet cases?

Aaron said...

Warren Beatty & Cuba Gooding Jr. - They were Oscar-nominated for playing football players (Happy Super Bowl XLIII!)

RC said...

@ Drew...good try, right on Cuba...wrong on Steve...and that was not the connection I'm looking for...but nice try. :-)

@ Aaron -- *great job* you named both the actors and the connection between them.

To my knowledge, I think Beatty (Heaven Can Wait) and Gooding (Jerry Maguire) are the only two actors to ever get nominated for playing football players...both fictional players as well.

Warren Beatty plays a Rams Quarter Back.

Cuba Gooding Jr. plays a Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver.

Interestingly enough, this super bowl features not only the Arizona Cardinals, but a team with a previous Rams QB.

Congrats Aaron!

Lorna said...

I actually knew the answer to this one. although I didn't know the names of the football teams. And that was on purpose.

ilyse711 said...

Baltimore’s internationally renowned physician, Dr. Ben Carson, longstanding Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins is being portrayed by the Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. in the new TNT original movie GIFTED HANDS: THE BEN CARSON STORY. But we have the real thing. Check out this video where Dr. Carson talks about why he loves Baltimore...

Joel Bocko said...

Did I inspire this quiz (if so, the student has surpassed the master in terms of responses, anyway...)? I didn't get it, but I have yet to see Heaven Can Wait (either version) if that's any excuse.

elgringo said...

Uh, is the correct answer "Actors You Haven't Seen in a Relevant Movie Since the Mid-90s?"