Friday, May 29, 2009

Sports Jersey Day

Because I live in a town that is doing well in the NBA playoffs, we received corporate communication earlier on the week about it being Sports Jersey day at work today. Yes, it's like Spirit Week from grade school.

Now, while the day was in honor of a successful home team basketball team, most people's "Jersey collection" was of the football variety, and so all day long I see co-workers and bosses in Ohio State, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, and Miami Dolphin Jerseys.

Very professional. I know.

I did not dress in a jersey because (a) I don't own a jersey (b) I can't imagine working in a jersey (c) I know so little about sports, the jersey would only make me some unintelligent and a poser (d) all of the above.

As much as I mocked this day in my head (and once or twice vocally when asked, "where's your jersey?"). One lady works a few yards away from me, and I've never talked to her before, yet somehow because it was sports Jersey day and because she was practically matching another one of my co-workers her and talked to each other for the first time. Long enough, that I'm sure we will at least greet each other, and maybe talk more in the future.

I've talked before about community, and particularly the idea of "Borrowing the Egg" and I think that sometimes it takes something cheesy like "Sports Jersey Day" to get people talking and connecting...even if you're not wearing a jersey.

Honestly, offices/cubicle cities have to be the weirdest sociological environment of our modern age. Comical, but yet, so real. And although I have found redeeming value in "Sports Jersey Day" I for one, and perfectly happy with wearing jeans on Friday with out having theme days.


Beth said...

I have a genuine hockey jersey (Toronto Maple Leafs) - always a great conversation starter!

RC said...

@ Beth -- I had a co-worker who was wearing a maple leaf jersey as well - the jersey did start a conversation or two.

Grete said...

Sounds like a good Office episode to me!