Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hey I Know That Guy: Richard Guy

Hey, I know that guy.

When it comes to prolific character Actors, there times were you see them in film and know you've seen them in other films or TV before, and you're just not sure what.

Sometimes you get caught spending the whole film wondering what else you've seen them in.

One of those distinguishable faces, with an unforgettable smile is the actor Richard Kind, who's natural cheer and whiny tone is so unique that it's only 100% perfect for some select roles.

The other day I mentioned Richard Deakin's 2009 projects including the Coen brother's film A Serious Man. A Serious Man "stars" an unknown Michael Stuhlbarg (playing Larry), a jewish professor in the 1960's who's wife Judith is thinking of leaving him partially because his unsuccessful brother Arthur who's living on his couch.

Arthur, the unsuccessful brother is played by Richard Kind. And When people see Richard Kind, I'm sure they'll think "Hey I know that Guy."

I think everyone will connect one of Richard Kind's projects to him when they see him in A Serious Man. Kind has done a lot of voice work, and TV roles.

When I think of Richard Kind I think of two main projects: The Station Agent and guest appearances on Scrubs.

I imagine a lot of people will also think of Spin City, Mad About You, and voice over work in things like A Bugs Life.

I'm excited for Richard Kind to have a role in a film that might warrant some attention and name recognition. Maybe even a supporting Oscar nod.

Just don't get distracted asking yourself "How do I know that guy?"

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