Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lance Armstrong & Jake Gyllenhaal - 3 Years Later & Still No Resolution

With Lance Armstrong racing again in the Tour de France I always take a trip down blog-memory-lane and remember a post I did in 2006 about Jake Gyllenhaal seeming to be interested in playing the part of Lance Armstrong in a biopic.

Three years later, the Armstrong story continues to develop and leaving retirement after seven consecutive Tour de France wins, Lance Armstrong joins the Astana racing team out of Kazakhstan.

The race has an interesting intrigue with Armstrong's teammate Alberto Contador from Spain who won the tour in 2007.

Rumors about the Armstrong biopic continue to circulate, and Gyllenhaal's name continue to make the rounds. Most recently a quick blurb in the Boston Globe mentioned Matt Damon and Ben Stiller.

I've also heard less impressive names like Chris Pine and Robert Pattinson as well.

I'm still curious at the angle that will be taken in a Lance Armstrong biopic - cancer, divorce, performance enhancing drugs, victory, biking, Olympics, love? Who can tell.

And as for Jake, he seems to like Armstrong and want the part, but I have this feeling others want to play this 'Live Strong Role' as well.

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