Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Vision: Woody Allen Writes/Directs "Palm Beach Psych"

Previously I wrote a piece about how I hoped that Woody Allen would direct a Bernie Madoff biopic, using the source material from the Steve Fishman article for NY Magazine about Madoff titled The Monster Mensch.

Moviezzz even clued me in that Allen was already spinning his wheels and own unique comedy with his own column about Madoff (and Lobsters) in The New Yorker.

But my vision for Woody Allen has slightly shifted. I would certainly take a biopic, but now that Bernie's in jail for 150 years I've focused my energy to the rich people on the palm tree and Tiffany-diamond speckled island of Palm Beach, Florida who are now finding that they must sell their yachts, fine jewelry, and lavish homes due to their friend's web of lies.

The true consequences of the Madoff scandal are certainly real and are far from comical. Sure it's hard to feel pity for the wealthy when lay-offs, unemployment, foreclosure, and financial hardships are on the rise...but Woody Allen's unique comic brand is perfect for telling the story of Palm Beach Psych.

Palm Beach Psych

A recent doctoral student graduates, and through chance circumstances (a crazy aunt lives in town, a boyfriend who dumps her after she moves to Florida, or a donation from the estate of Uncle Warwick) leads her to open up a Psychology office on the island of Palm Beach.

This young woman (let's say it Rebecca Hall, who worked with Allen as Vicky in Vicky Christian Barcelona, pictured right) is very inexperienced, but somehow everyone is drawn to her and find that she is extremely helpful in dealing with their emotional angst.

Woody Allen, of course, would be one of Hall's patients, but I could see a number of Palm Beach characters as well.

Perhaps the 30 year old woman who's marriage to a 70 year old isn't working now that they have to move out of the mansion and stay with his kids in the Carolina's.

Or the woman who is secretly stealing from the neighbors and pawning off their items off the island.

Maybe there's a man who knew Bernie Madoff and always felt like he knew he was a crook and wonders if knowledge of his past suspicion makes him a criminal.

Allen could certainly cast some of his favorite supporting characters in a film of this nature as well.

Maybe the story all ends when the older more established Palm Beach psychologist begins trying to demolish Rebecca Hall's practice as he faces his own financial ruin.

Somehow I can just see this film so clearly.

Who would Allen cast in Palm Beach Psych? What might their character be like?

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the more established Palm Beach Psychologist would be played by Billy Crystal, and Diane Keaton could be Rebecca Hall's aunt who lives in the Palm Beach.