Monday, August 17, 2009

Reel People: Logan Lerman is George Hamilton

The film is My One and Only, which is directed by Richard Loncraine, and is written by Charlie Peter's based on stories George Hamilton had shared with Merv Griffin.

George Hamilton

George Hamilton IV was born August 12, 1939 in Blytheville, Arkansas the son on popular band leader George "Spike" Hamilton, who most typically played at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. Hamilton's mother, was a woman named Ann Stevens. Stevens had a former husband William Potter with whom she had another son, William Potter.

George Sr. and Anne also had a second son together, David Hamilton.

George Hamilton live in Arkansas for many years, when he was 12 his nuclear family began to fall apart as his father left his mother for another woman, his step-mother June Howard.

As an adult, George Hamilton revealed on the view that he had sexual relations with his step-mother at the age of 12, prior to his father marrying June Hamilton.

George and his family left Arkansas and traveled across the United States and his family eventually settled in West Palm Beach, Florida for Hamilton's high school days.

Anne Stevens, also had other spouses later including Carleton Hunt and Jesse Spalding.

George quickly left Florida after high school moved to California where he got a contract with MGM.

While his career began in 1952, he wasn't recognized until he was recognized by the Golden Globes in 1960 as a "most promising newcomer" for his role as stylish spring-breaker in Where The Boys Are.

He also played some memorable biopic roles as Evel Knieval (1971) and Hank Williams in Your Cheatin' Heart (1964).

In 1972 George Hamilton married Alana Collins with whom he had one son, Ashley Hamilton. Alana and George divorced in 1975. (Alana Collins Stewart later remarried Rod Stewart, but has since divorced).

Geroge never remarried, but did have another son, his own, George Hamilton (George Hamilton V) with Kimberly Blackford in 2000.

With a variety of film credits and TV appearances to his name, George Hamilton continues to work in the industry, although his trademark tan and personality are more a part of his image now, than his acting chops.

Most recently he has released his own autobiography Don't Mind If I Do which became a New York Times best seller, and included many of his dating exploits including those with Lynda Bird Johnson and Elizabeth Taylor.

My One and Only

My one and only isn't exactly the most formal of biopics, as the comedy feature is only loosely based on the people portrayed. As such, the main character, Renée Zellweger is named Anne Deveraux...not quite Anne Potter Hamilton Hunt Spalding, but close enough.

Similarly George "Spike" Harrison, doesn't appear as a character, but ex-husband & band man "Dan" does appear, and he is played by Kevin Bacon. He is clearly the George Sr. in this story.
From here the cast has many "suitors" of Anne played by Chris Noth, Nich Stahl, and Steve Weber.

But the film is clear, that is based on George Hamilton's child, and the young acclaimed actor Logan Lerman gets the part, of the boy with the mother who's looking for a man, traveling America in her sons.

Could Logan Lerman's portrayal of George Hamilton earn an Oscar nomination/win for portraying this
Real (Reel) Person? Probably as good a chance as George Hamilton scoring a nod anytime soon, although I certainly think Lerman has a lot to gain from this part, and certainly could be a shining star amongst Bacon and Zellwegger.


Anonymous said...

The beautiful Kimberly Blackford was George Hamilton's main squeeze for almost five years in the 90's. Their 10 year old son "GT"(George Thomas) Hamilton was just photo profiled in the National Enquirer at his birthday party thrown by George Hamilton and Kimberly in Florida. Kimberly Blackford is the beautiful blond model actress he met on a yacht in Florida. They are good friends and she has mutually agreed custody of their son and lives in Florida nr West Palm Beach. Photo of her at
Edward Lozzi

Mimi Fink said...

I went to school with George Hamilton IV at American University. He was born in North Carolina in 1937, and is a popular singer and musician. He is no way related to George Stevens Hamilton IV (who has never used the IV). George Stevens was born in Memphis, TN, in 1939, and is the son of gregarious Southern belle beauty Ann Potter Hamilton Hunt Spaulding, whose second husband (of four) was George Stevens "Spike" Hamilton, a touring bandleader. I have never met handsome George, but we have a mutual friend and he played my cousin Hank Williams in a movie. Sorry, but your post is confusing.