Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apple Snob

Let me be honest, I don't really like fruit. I'm not philosophically opposed to fruit, but I like white, tan, and brown flavors...cinnamon, vanilla, coffee, and hazelnut. And if it has color, I want it to be a vegetable, not fruit.

But I've slowly become an apple snob over the past couple years. An apple is an easy lunch fruit - it's not messy or sticky, and it doesn't go bad as quick as some of those softer flesh fruits like plum and peaches.

So, I've started buying different apples, sometimes based on what looks good, sometimes based on price, and as time has been passing, I've beginning to become an apple snob.

Maybe if there was enough apple snobs there could be a Starbuck's-like concept that just sells apples...I might go.

There's certainly flavors I haven't tried, and maybe one's I haven't had access to, but as it stands, my top 5 favorite apples...organic when available.

1. Honeycrisp
2. Cripps Pink (Pink Lady)
3. Braeburn
4. Gala
5. Granny Smith

And when I say Honeycrisp is my favorite, I don't think any apple could rival it, but there are so many types I'm sure I haven't tried...so some of those other apples could probably get the boot if I had the chance.


Connie said...

Love the Top 5. The first time I had a Honeycrisp...I was eating them for weeks afterward. They're unbelievably good. After that experience, I could no longer justify the existence of Red Delicious apples.

Andrew K. said...

I'm totally nonplussed about this post and types of apples. I live in Guyana so apples are not a tropical fruit. They're plentiful but whatever the type is that I remember I don't like it much. But you're spot on about apple being non messy. The only fruit that comes to me that can rival in terms of cleanliness is bananas and they go bad easily.

The most abundant fruit here is mango and boy are they messy.

Dad of Divas said...

You and I have similar tastes in apples... I would also recommend to you Zestar apples as they are quite similar to Honeycrisps but are available earlier in the season and are typically less expensive as well!

RC said...

@ Connie - no joke, Red Delicious, we're broken up for good.

@ Andrew - no way will I pack a mango on-the-go...that is a home only food, way to much mess potential.

@ Dad of Divas - let it be known, my eyes will be open for Zesters, if nothing else, it sounds fun!

Daniel said...

Honeycrisp, $1.39/lb this week all over the place! Helps when you live in the place it was invented. :)

The makers of that flavor apparently have another one on the way that they say will be even more popular - the Sweet Tango. It's not available here (MN) yet; I think they're still refining it.

Matt Page said...

It's a bit of a mistake to include what an apple looks like in your criteria of what constitutes a good apple. My favourite are English Coxes. They are a bit fussy though - most super markets pick them too early so they never properly ripen (if you shake a properly ripe cox you can hear the pips shake). But they look below average.

Compare that to those deep rosy red Snow White-esque apples which look divine but taste not so good.

Not sure we get honey crisps over here, but I'll keep my eyes peeled (pun absolutely intended).