Thursday, October 22, 2009

Airplane Direct TV

I recently returned from a vacation, and thought I would share a couple thoughts from my experience as it relates to this blog in the coming days.

But before I do that, I thought I would mention how watching TV is almost no fun when you are stuck on an airplane.

Maybe it's just me because I don't watch tons of live-TV anyways, but when I'm stuck on the airplane, the option to watch direct TV certainly makes the time fly faster, but, what is there to watch? Another episode of watching people buy a house of HGTV?

But the most painful was watching Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda after the today show.
In response to Michelle Obama hula hoop video, they hula hooped. They talked about Jude Law in Hamlet (Hoda didn't get Hamlet). Then they talked to Willem Dafoe, but most of the interview was about how is creepy (in reference to his body of work including his most recent film Antichrist). It was all pretty painful, even the price is right is painful on an airplane...sorry Drew Carey.

On my flight out there I watched a film I never have seen before, the box-office success Lethal Weapon 4.

I would like to criticize this film, but it was alright, it was entertaining and even though TBS had ten thousand commercial breaks about George Lopez' new show, it was alright because...I was stuck on an airplane. And little did I know how much better this was then Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda.

Lethal Weapon 4 has the "buddy" element that is still popular and present in comedy, and Mel Gibson & Danny Glover are able to match the tone and flair of this police-comedy genre.

Plus, Lethal Weapon 4 has a respectable role Fran├žois Chau, aka the Dharma Initiative guy from the videos on TV's Lost.

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rawi-warin said...

I wonder why they prefer showing older films instead of new ones every time I board these flights. I would prefer movies that I haven't watched yet. Maybe passengers can vote which movies to watch will make more sense.