Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quinton Aaron on Biggest Loser & The Blind Side Box Office Expectations

So, it seems like marketing for The Blindside is pretty heavy, and Sandra Bullock's name is popping up in magazines, newspaper blurbs, and of course the many trailers for this film.

And in fact, when I say many trailers, I mean many trailers. The past couple weekends if I'm watching a college football game, there is a variety of commercials, and some specifically tailored to a college football crowd, discussing Michael Oher and his college football turned professional football career (University of Mississippi & Baltimore Ravens).

Yet I was surprised tonight watching Biggest Loser (a favorite of mine) to see a Quinton Aaron (who plays the part of Michael Oher) doing his own market-appropriate promoting. In the little mid-episode commercials Aaron with the background of a gym discusses how he lost almost 100 pounds to play the film role and discussed the benefit of healthier living.

There was also a brief snippet of interview with Sandra Bullock talking about how "the story of Quinton Aaron is equally as fascinating to that of Michael Oher" or something of that nature.

Unfortunately, there aren't more details in the little snippet about Quinton Aaron's life, but it was intriguing to me to see again, another form of direct emotional marketing for this film.

Obviously, this film has a lot to contend with, and can expect not to be number one at the box office with the much anticipated Twilight sequel New Moon coming out (speaking of which, if Entertainment Weekly does another Twilight oriented cover in the next three months I will have no choice but to boycott this publication).

Yet, with a strong marketing campaign, a compelling story, and Sandra Bullock I think we can expect this film to be one of the most financially successful sports themed movies ever.

In fact, if enough women can drag there men away from watching football on the weekend to see a movie about football over the weekend, I think it could potentially be the most financially successful sports themed movie ever, it would just have to beat Waterboy's $161 million dollars.


Anthony said...

I'll boycott EW with you if there is another Twilight cover.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see this movie! I love all the previews - they all make me tear up :-)

Oh, and I will boycott EW if there is another vampire/scary movie cover peroid. I'm so over those. Maybe EW readers are mostly in their tweens?

Lorna said...

Really??? Waterboy???

RC said...

@ Lorna - YES! Waterboy. If you click on the link you will see it's box office ranking relative to other sports movies. But yes, Waterboy is the highest grossing sports movie to date.