Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Here are two pictures I took at Arlington National Cemetery recently on a trip to Washington DC.

Recently, as America has been involved in a long-war with many soldiers going around the world for multiple tours, I've been asking myself 'How do we honor our veterans?'

I ask, 'How can we serve our fellow country men overseas in a real and practical way?'

And then I ask, 'How can we show servicemen and woman that we care?'


Paula said...

Even though I am a die-hard pacifist, I spent yesterday (we call it Remembrance Day here in Canada) with a friend of ours who is a veteran of many wars, including the war in Afghanistan where he was injured and brought home. We went with him to a Legion in a neighbouring town and drank free beer (veterans get free beer!), and sat with some old-timers and listened to their stories.

Listening to the stories is huge. Sit and listen.

And I danced with every able-bodied male there, my little way of honouring them and what they went through.

If I as a pacifist can't sit and listen to stories or dance with someone I disagree with, I don't really believe in peace, do I? It was an awesome day.

Anonymous said...

I think it can be difficult to figure out how to show the men and women who serve in the armed forces gratitude for their service and sacrifice.

I think this is especially true as our country is engaged in a war that many forget about, or feel strongly that our country should not be involved in.

I find myself thinking and praying more for these families (both the soliders and their family that stays behind), as their lives are forever changed and impacted as they fill a role that helps to keep our country free.