Thursday, December 03, 2009

God at Sundance 2010

I did a similar post prior to the 2007 festival, and thought I would key in on this topic again this year.

Sundance Film Festival will be January 21-31. Just this week they have announced their 2010 line-up.

Below are the primary films that seem to deal most specifically with religion in their central plot/documentary themes.

U.S. Documentary Competition

Bhutto (Directors: Jessica Hernandez and Johnny O'Hara; Screenwriter: Johnny O'Hara) - deals with the controversial Muslim figure, Benazir Bhutto, the recently deceased former prime minister of Pakistan.

12th & Delaware (Directors: Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing) - The directors of Jesus Camp take on the topic of abortion in American town.

U.S. Dramatic Competition

Holy Rollers (Director: Kevin Tyler Asch; Screenwriter: Antonio Macia)- A young Hasidic Jew is (Jesse Eisenberg, pictured right) is lured into becoming a New York Ecstasy dealer.

Sympathy for Delicious (Director: Mark Ruffalo; Screenwriter: Christopher Thornton) - A newly paralyzed DJ (Orlando Bloom) seeks out the world of faith healing on the streets of LA, and discovers he can cash in on his gifts.

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