Saturday, December 26, 2009

Russell Crowe's 4th Oscar Nomination in 2010?

Johnny Depp is not the only actor I'm watching to see if he might score a 4th nomination in 2010.

Russell Crowe really kicked off the decade with a bang showing up at the Oscar ceremony three times for back-to-back critcally acclaimed performances (1999's The Insider, 2000's Gladiator, and 2001's A Beautiful Mind).

Since A Beautiful Mind, the actor has continued to pursue interesting work, but stayed out of the year's top 5 performances.

Every year I wait and watch for Crowe to return to a previous glory, but previous efforts have fallen short.

2010 is not a year packed full of contenders for Crowe, but it would appear his chance comes in Ridley Scott's adaptation of Robin Hood, where Crowe's incarnation will surely be a little more brawny then say the sequins clad Errol Flynn of the 1938 classic.

At this point, I don't count Crowe in early-on, but I certainly never count him out.

Could he get his 4th nomination on 2010? We'll see...but staring alongside Cate Blanchett (Maid Mairan) can't hurt.


Andrew K. said...

Although he did not always make my top 5, I really think he was snubbed for Master & Commander and Cinderella Man. I don't even think it's right to blame his lack of success on his attitude, either you're a good actor or you're not. Although it doesn't make you a nice person, one shouldn't lose laurels for that. Awards shouldn't be popularity contests. Anyhow, excuse the rant. I too am looking forward to this.

Roar Savage said...

I saw a preview for this in the theater last night. I am SO EXCITED to see this.

Lorna said...

It's hard to imagine how even Ridley Scott can make that tired story interesting. We'll see.

Liz said...

"It's hard to imagine how even Ridley Scott can make that tired story interesting.

One man's meat is anothet man's poison.
Many movies are currently the subject of remakes. Why are Depp and Burton making Alice ?
Why another Iron Man ? Why another Wolfman ? Why another Sherlock Holmes?
These are tired, to me.

Having said that, I'd watch Crowe read from a phone book - so I can't wait. And NOBODY does the middle ages like Ridley Scott.
Personally I can't wait !

Liz said...

Andrew, agreed. Crowe's lack of a nomination for Cinderella Man was an utter disgrace.
I haven't trusted or had faith in the nominations process since.