Sunday, January 17, 2010

The 67th Golden Globe Ceremony

Just a few brief thoughts on the globes tonight.

What speeches will be remembered? Probably Mo'Niques for the emotion.

Speech with most finesse? Robert Downey Jr with all the names of people he's not thanking.

Boring speech? Christoph Waltz.

Maybe you should have prepared a speech? Meryl Streep.

Annoying speech? Chloe Sevingy, she just seems so cranky, from the red carpet complaints about the weather to the award speech that just seemed so super flat, not to mention a weird awkward dress moment, I was more than underwhelmed.

Who really annoyed me the most? Oh, not Sevingy, I meant to say Nick Cannon, did you catch any of the post-show broadcast. I felt like it was like Nickelodeon had chosen a winner to guest interview people. This programming was an embarrassment for anyone involved with the post-show.

The winner we'll remember? Sandra Bullock. Who would have thought that her first Golden Globe win would come in the Dramatic film category. She is a class act and America will be glad to have her.

Effect of Sandra Bullock's win? Julia Roberts American sweetheart crown is finally passed. The inappropriate red carpet questions to Roberts were about how she passed up opportunities to star in The Proposal and The Blindside. But somehow I think after this past year, Roberts may be taking second pickings to Bullock. Robert's is in need of a hit more than ever.

Repeat Wins for Acting at the Oscars? Jeff Bridges and Mo'Nique seem almost for sure. At this point I'd guess Meryl Streep will win the Oscar as well, and although he didn't win tonight, I'm still pulling for Woody Harrelson for the big award.

Film I'm Hoping Has A Little Backlash? I have a hard time accepting Avatar as the film of the year, I personally am hoping for a little backlash so attention can be directed elsewhere.

Thoughts on the Host? Ricky Gervais isn't really a favorite of mine anyways, and I felt like his jokes were more insulting than comical. I couldn't get into his performance tonight and am really not interested in his return.

Thoughts on Haiti awareness? I think the thoughts for Haiti and encouragement to donate and participate was certainly appropriate, although at many times felt forced and insincere. Some people certainly seemed very effected by the tragedy, others only seemed like that's what they should have said. I won't say who fell on which end of the spectrum, because it doesn't seem right to judge, but the tragedy certainly played a role in the awards show.

Final thought? I feel like the winner's this year where uniquely American, Jeff Bridges playing a country music singer, Sandra Bullock a Mississippi mom, Meryl Streep an American TV chef icon, & sure Sherlock Holmes isn't American, but how much more American can you get than Robert Downey, Jr? Kind of some American selections from the Hollywood Foreign Press, wouldn't you say?


Amy said...

The Avatar win is a sad one indeed.

Danny King said...

Ha, Waltz's speech was incredibly confusing. I wouldn't call it boring so much as I would call it perplexing. He lost me after the first orbit reference. Still great to see him win.

Andrew K. said...

To say I hated Bullock's win would be an understatement. Avatar was actually one of the few great moments for me.

Jacob said...

I also have a hard time accepting Avatar as the film of the year. A snoozer it was for me. I do hope Jeff Bridges gets the Oscar and interested to see what will get Best Picture, so long as its not Avatar.