Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Most Disappointing Actor of the Decade

Disappointing means that there was hope. That there was promise. And then...there was nothing.

After Good Morning Vietnam and Dead Poet's Society at the end of the 1980s Robin Williams presented himself as a unique actor with the ability to play characters who mix comedy and the serious of subject matters.

This repeated itself in a very active and varied career in the 90s with enough success stories to forgive some of the less than praise-worthy performances.

From a memorable performance in Mrs. Doubtfire to Good Will Hunting, even as the genie in Aladdin, Williams was worthy of praise.

What happened in this past decade? The bright spots were his respectable creepy performance in One Hour Photo and Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum.

Hardly the bright shining resume that previously included roles in The Fisher King, Hamlet & Hook.

I have a lot of favorite Robin William's roles, but not a single one from this past decade.


Danny King said...

I'd have to agree with you here, although his 2009 film "World's Greatest Dad" was well-received. I plan on seeing it soon, but that's most likely the best reviewed film of the decade that Williams has been in -- maybe "Insomnia" as well, which I really liked.

Andrew K. said...

Sad but true. I wonder if he has it in him to make another good film.

Daniel Cho said...

His role in World's Greatest Dad was easily his best of the decade. Which isn't saying much, but still. There's still a spark of old Robin Williams left. (when he's not cashing in for awful family films)

Anonymous said...

Aw, so sad, and so true.

I really do like Robin Williams though, and I think he is a very talented man. Hopefully he will find a great roll during the "pre-teens." ('10's)

general125 said...
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Anonymous said...

What about Keanu Reeves....he showed such promise after his roles in the Bill & Ted franchise, Johnny Mnemonic, Speed, Sweet November and then the Matrix in '99. Then he hit a streak of Matrix sequels, Constantine, and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

But to me, he'll always be that loser boyfriend in Parenthood. *tear*