Monday, February 01, 2010

10 Best Picture Nominees - Predictions...Where Do I Begin?

I'm actually pretty intrigued to see how 10 Best Picture Nominees will effect the nominee landscape.

I won't lie. I think I will generally consider the 5 films that have corresponding director nominations will seem like "the real nominees" and if an odd-ball like District 9 makes the list, I will consider it a fluke of the 10 nominee situation.

So Here are My Predictions. And I'm Breaking them up in to two group of matter how uncool that is.

Best Picture Nominee Predictions - The First 5
(with corresponding director nominations)

The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
Precious: Based on the Novel Push By Sapphire
Up in The Air

Best Picture Nominee Predictions - The Next 5

An Education
Crazy Heart
A Serious Man

Easily Could Slip into the Mix - 11-15

District 9
Julie & Julia
The Messenger
Star Trek

Because there's 10, let's not count out... 16-20

(500) Days of Summer
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Last Station
A Single Man
The White Ribbon

My unique pick: Crazy Heart is probably unconventional to be included in the Top 10, but I kind of feel like as a late entry it's picking up steam.

My unique exclusion: For some reason it seems like District 9 is supposed to get nominated. It could, but it seems so un-Oscar-like I have a really hard time including it.

My hope: My hope is that An Education is really in that top group and is accompanied by a Best Director nominations.

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joe burns said...

I think Crazy Heart could make it, but it seems Jeff Bridges is getting most of the attention.