Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Future & Best Picture Redefined

A Clockwork Avatar

Besides the fact that the future of films seems to be resting on the shoulders of sci-fi and fantasy recently...hello, Comic-con we see a unique change in this years Oscar nominees in regards to "the future."

Prior to this year's academy award nominations only 1 film ever nominated for best picture took place in the future...and a future not that far away. That film was Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.

It took another 38 years for another film with a setting in the future to be nominated for best picture and we had two...Avatar and also District 9.

While District 9 takes place primarily in the future (beginning in 1982, but taking place primarily in August 2010) Avatar takes places in 2154...far further into the future than any other Oscar film nominated for best picture.

Will this be a trend? Certainly 10 pictures help, had this decade seen 10 best picture nominees we can imagine Wall-E would have joined the ranks of "future films" last year, or Children of Men at the 2007 ceremony.

I can't think of an upcoming "future film" that is likely to show in this category, at least not one that's been announced or has buzz (but District 9 came out of nowhere this past year, so who knows what 2010 has in store). But I can be pretty sure The Book of Eli, Repo Men and Daybreakers will all miss Oscar's short list next year.


Michael Parsons said...

'2001; A Space Odyssey'? - That was set in the future and nominated.

RC said...

@ Michael, 2001 had 4 noms including best director, but not best picture.