Sunday, February 07, 2010

Quick Thoughts on 2010 Super Bowl Movie Commercials

In thinking about (and watching) the Super Bowl movie commercials tonight I had a couple of thoughts.

The first is, is a Super Bowl commercial the best market? Granted, tons of people watch the Superbowl, but do the movie's advertised line up with the audience who would be interested in the movies previewed?

I think about my dad watching these previews...
(we've talked recently about my dad, so why not continue?) My dad, huge into sports is watching these commercials with his friends, some women are watching others are talking...and he sees a preview one after the other of films he's probably not interested in...

The Last Airbender
? Surely, he's not interested.
Prince of Persia? No way.
Alice in Wonderland? Um, probably not opening weekend, I can tell you that.
The Break-up Plan? Well...who in the world is interested in the film.

The Break-up Plan:
I had no idea there would be a preview for "The Break-up Plan" but the quality of this preview was HORRIBLE, not to mention the home birth baby pool in a movie preview, during the super bowl. Who is this movie for? Anyone other than Rikki Lake? It looks horrible.

You know what films I think could have got some bang-for-their buck that are coming out relatively soon...

How about Paul Greengrass' film Green Zone staring Matt Damon. I bet my Dad's never heard of it, but he might be interested in it.

Or what about the Richard Gere/Ethan Hawke police film Brooklyn's Finest?

And I can get behind previews for Robin Hood or even Iron Man 2. But, even The Wolfman might be pushing it.

Side note thought on The Wolfman trailer:
Although, I thought it was interesting that The Wolfman preview featured far more Anthony Hopkins that Benicio Del Toro? That might have been a smart audience discussion.

Side note thought on The Last Airbender trailer
: I actually thought it looked pretty strong, and out of the realm of the normal M. Night Shymalan. I think it was a good decision for him to go in a different direction and writing a film from non-original source material. I think this will help him redirect his brand.


Danny King said...

Totally agree with you. I have the exact same situation with my dad. I think the only movie commercial he was remotely interested in was The Wolfman. All of the other ones he laughed at least once at. I also question why these commercial spots are so sought after.

I think Green Zone would have been a great choice for perhaps a replacement of The Break-Up Plan. Who doesn't want to see an action-packed war film, starring Matt Damon, directed by the guy who did The Bourne movies?

Anonymous said...

Your poor dad.