Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Winter Olympics Conversation with my Wife

My wife and I were talking about the Winter Olympics, as the Vancouver Games were wrapping up...some thoughts.

RC: The Winter Olympics are fun but, I don't think I like them as much as the Summer Olympics, not that they're meant to be compared. Something like running anyone can do, but most of these Winter sports are sports of privledge. Bobsled? Ice skating? Snow board jumps?

Kim: I don't think they're sports of privledge, I think they're niche sports that the majority of people do not ever participate it.

RC: Not that I'm down on these sports, I think these athletes are testimonies of dedication, hard work and skill. But, as for me, I've never ice skated before, and half these sports are on ice skates. While we're at it, I've never snow boarded before, either.

Kim: What's wrong with you? Why have you never done those things? You were born and raised in a place where people do that stuff all the time?

RC: Well even if I had ice skated, I sure wasn't ice dancing.

Kim: I completly don't understand ice dancing.

RC: Those who can't, ice dance. It's for the girls who are too heavy for the guys to lift up in pair skating, and for guys who get really tired spinning and can't jump.

Kim: What I want to know is how someone determines they're a world class Skeleton racer.

RC: I think they find people that are missing the part of the brain that makes good decisions.

Kim: Those must be the same people who came up with the McDonald's commercials that says "You don't have to be an Olympic athlete to eat like one."

RC: I'm sure Kim Yu-Na and Lindsey Vohn don't really seem like the chicken nuggets and coke type of people.

Kim: I think Steven Holcomb from the US bobsled team likes himself some chicken nuggets. He was a big dude.

RC: Do you think Bob Costas likes chicken nuggets? Well maybe Mary Carillo can do a story on that.


Eralel83 said...

So funny...

Lorna said...

nice take on my favourite Olympics of all time. I think you're wrong about ice dancers though; there was a program up here that was like a Celebrity Dance-off, but on skates. All the men were hockey players and all the women were medalled figure skaters. Some very telling moments.

mae said...

YOU two are too funny....I think that you shuld try the Bobsled! Maybe down the side of I-70!!

RandomK said...

Oh my goodness Ryan. It is blogs like this that make me miss you and your wife.
Say hello to Kimmie for me.
Much love and Blessings!