Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Oscar Ceremony in Brief

Enjoyable Oscar telecast, not too many surprises in the acting races, although a few categories kept us guessing, but as predicted when I made the above graphic back in January, the winners were clearly a consistent bunch this season.

As for what I'm sure people will talk about is the overwhelming love for The Hurt Locker. 6 Wins of their 9 nominations vs. it's perceived competitor, Avatar with 3 out of 9.

As for my predictions, this year I got 17 out of 24, and accepting the fact I will never guess the best foreign language category.

Hope you enjoyed the show, and I imagine many people will be watching The Hurt Locker this week if they hadn't caught it previously, as one of the lowest box-office performers of all 10 nominees. Fortunately it's out on DVD.

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