Monday, March 08, 2010

Now What? Best Actress Edition

So, the Oscar went to an American Sweatheart with a filmography that's recently tended towards romantic-comedy (Bullock), an Actress who probably is so sick of being in Oscar-contender films and probably after last night just wants to retire (Streep), a woman's career has blossomed with age but could be over exposed (Mirren), a fresh newcomer with big expectations (Mulligan), and a new comer who for various reasons might have a rough time finding another mainstream part (Sidibe).

So...who will we see again in 2010 films? And what direction are they going next.

Sandra Bullock isn't have a project change, she's currently attached some "more of the same" comedies including One of the Guys about a girl who throws off her male friends when she embraces her feminine side, a Christmas film called Jingle. And a romantic comedy called The Sprinkler Queen. Needless to say, she hasn't been signing up for The English Patient 2. Honestly, I think that's a good call in her current stardom and establishing a continued Bullock brand that people are interested in.

Meryl Streep's schedule seems light right now. Honestly, what role would she want at this point? I've read some that she will be in an Alexander Payne (Election, Sideways) film called Downsizing, but Payne has three other films in the works so I'm guessing Streep will have another film leap-frog this one, but she'll probably want to eat a couple tubs of Ben and Jerry's ice cream before she picks up another script.

Helen Mirren packs a schedule some films already in the can, including The Debt by Shakespeare in Love director John Madden, the story of a Nevada brothel directed by husband Taylor Hackford (Love Ranch), Julie Taymor's version of Shakespeare's The Tempest playing Prospero, voice work in Zack Snyders Legend of the Guardians, Bruce Willis vehicle Red, and an expected performance in Hungarian director Istvan Szabo's directoral adaptation of The Door. I read this saying that Helen Mirren will say yes to anything she can fit into her schedule by any director who any sort of name.

Carey Mulligan seems like she has a great chance to get some prime roles. She wll be in the film Brighton Rock with Helen Mirren, Oliver Stone's anticipated Wall Street sequel Money Never Sleeps (Mulligan will play Winnie Gekko). There's also the film I'm anticipating, Never Let Me Go based on the Kazuo Ishiguro novel. Were else Mulligan goes, we'll see, but I have a feeling we'll see her at another award show before long.

Gabourey Sidibe seems like a great girl, but I'm not sure how she fits in the Hollywood scene. She has gotten some type of role on Showtime's drama "The Big C" alongside with Oliver Platt and Laura Linney, but not sure on the size of the role. She also has a role in the film Yelling to the Sky by first time writer/director Victoria Mahoney.

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