Sunday, April 25, 2010

If I Wrote You a Letter...

In 2007 I did a post called "My Advertising Portal (or, Mail Used to Be Fun)." Here I outline some thoughts about how I want to return my physical address to the post office since all I get is ads and junk mail.

When I wrote this post, I didn't provide any solution for increasing the value of mail, rather I spoke of the merits of essentially donating my mailbox to the museum of the twentieth century.

All the same, I still check the mail everyday. I can't skip the trip.

One thing I've noticed over the past couple years since writing the initial post, is that while sending letters is passe, what has become more common, at least from our home is ordering things online that come through the mail.

Perhaps I read a book I know a friend will love, I zip over to Amazon and buy it for them, and they get a little treat in the mail, that if it's a used copy could be relatively affordable considering shipping and so forth.

But what about Letters? With the exception of the compulsory thank you notes, my hand doesn't self address an envelop ever. Honestly, I've probably addressed more envelopes so far this year for mail in rebates then I have to send a letter or note.

I thought about this and said to myself, "Self, this is sad. You should change this. You can send a letter."

Personal action. "Me send a letter," I said. "Great idea, but who will I send a letter to. What will I say."

The only person who came to mind to send a letter to would be my grandmother who doesn't have online access and I know would love receiving a letter.

Otherwise, in our current technological state, what would I want to say that would sound so trite or like-old Facebook news. Why would I tell them how the weather's been -- they can look at too...why would I tell them what I've been up to, I've updated my Facebook status almost every day with pictures and videos they could watch if they care. My random thoughts about life, they're here on my blog.

So what would I say? If you've crossed my mind maybe I've sent you a text message or given you a call. And maybe just maybe, if I sent you a letter you'd be so confused with how to respond...would I make some one feel uncomfortable like they were obliged to be my pen pal, could they text me back and say "thanks for the letter." Or would they feel like they were jumping communication genres?

Of course, I wouldn't mind. I would send a letter not expecting one in return -- but still I'm stuck at the question, who do I write? What do I say?


MOM said...

YOu can send me a letter anyday. I don't care that whatever information that you include in the letter, I already know. What ever you put in the letter will be special...because you are!

Lorna said...

What your Mom said.

Paula said...

I still write letters once in awhile, but they tend to be Thank-You's or notes of encouragement. I CAN say that stuff on facebook, but why would I when I can find the perfect funky blank card and fill it with words they can look at and hold in their hand?