Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thoughts on NBC's Parenthood after 6 Episodes

My wife (Kim) and I discuss NBC's show parenthood after the series 6th episode.

RC: So six episodes in, I usually can't wait for Tuesday night's to watch the show Parenthood.

Kim: Me either, the Braverman's are a highlight of my week. I especially like Julia's character.

: I actually thought Julia (Erika Christensen's character) was a drag the first week - I loved her in Traffic as a teen doing drugs, but at first I didn't buy her as the high strung working mom.
Kim: I think she's completely believable as a high strung lawyer mom. I think my favorite scene with her was when she took Sydney to the park and she tries to get her to be the princess with the code work "tiara."

RC: I agree, she really has some of the most laughable scenes. Like the scene where she buys the parking spot or when she exerts "her different swim lesson strategies." Early previews just showed Lauren Graham as the central character but her other television siblings really are all pretty intriguing.

Kim: Crosby's character is another favorite. It may be politically incorrect, but I crack up every time his son's name Jabar is spoken. I love that Crosby wants to do the right thing and he does the right thing with the help and encouragement of his family. Jabar...ha, ha, ha.

RC: I like Adam (Peter Krause), but sometimes I have a hard time with his wife played by Monica Potter.

Kim: Yea, she tends to be a drippy faucet. No fault to Monica.

RC: Yes, all fault to Monica. Usually I just don't buy her, but this past episode with her being all stressed out in dealing with her family, particularly was like she found her character for the first time.

: I wonder how long keep dragging on the the Max Aspergers story. Obviously, this is a very difficult diagnosis for a family to deal with, but I want to see more of this family. I personally liked the week there family was dealing with Hattie-Hoe.

RC: They did a good job casting someone for Hattie that kind of looks like Monica Potter. It's believable.

Kim: I just hope it stays on the air because I really like watching it.

RC: Me's hard to know what NBC will do, I'm not even sure what the ratings are, but I enjoy watching it and hope this show stays on the air longer that the 1990 version that only had 12 episodes.

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Pictured: Erika Christensen, Lauren Graham (with Monica Potter far left, and I think the back of Bonnie Bedilia's head). Pictured mid-post Peter Krause with Max Burkholder.

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