Sunday, June 06, 2010

10 Random Thoughts: Whitney Houston, Independence Day, Shrek

1. Crowds are leaving in mass exodus' from Whitney Houston's recent concert performances for being off key, and weak vocally. How bad is it? That's pretty embarassing for the woman who's know for her strong vocal ability.
2. In the movie Holiday Inn, there's celebrations for Lincoln's Birthday, Easter, and Valentine's Day, among others. If a real Holiday Inn existed, I'd go for New Year's Eve. My wife said she's want to go for Independence Day.

3. Speaking of Independence Day, it's a little sad to think that we will have another 4th of July with no Will Smith movie this year. I'd rather see Smith at the theater, than The Last Airbender, but I'm crossing my fingers that Shymalan's film could potentially be something special.

4. I have this strange feeling that Will Smith's next round of films will all have numbers and roman numerals in the titles: Independence Day 2, Hancock 2, Men In Black III, I, Robot 2 and Bad Boys 3. It kind of is a statement on film studio creativity, isn't it.

5. I'm not too worried about Smith, but I am a little worried for Jim Carrey. Is his career winding down? His most recent film, playing a gay criminal I Love You Phillip Morris just had it's release date canceled by the California courts due to legal issues involving breach of contract by the distributor in paying the production company.

6. I wonder if the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will be portrayed in a documentary film or a dramatic film first?

7. McDonald's recall of the plastic Shrek glasses it's been selling due to material hazard concerns (out of an "over abundance of caution"). Now if they would just recall the most recent movie.

8. Shrek Forever After did win at the box office for a second week in a row. Granted it was up against some uninspiring new releases including the 68 minute film Marmaduke.

9 Guillermo Del Toro leaves as Hobbit director, but is to be replacing Sam Mendes in Oz The Great and Powerful, one of the 5 Oz films in the works. I think del Toro wants to out-weird Burton's Alice retelling.

10. Summer films are leaving little to be desired. I'm interested in see a little more hype for some award season contenders...please say the theater offerings will start to improve. Is there anything left this season worth hoping for?


CMrok93 said...

As soon as I heard all those cups get re-called, I through my cups right out!

Attila the Mom said...

I haven't seen one darn film that interests me at all.

I'm with you. I miss Will Smith.

James said...

I think Last Airbender is going to be another failure for Shamy. But I do miss seeing Will Smith on the big screen. I never really took him serious as an actor before The Pursuit of Happyness but now I have a lot of respect for the guy.

RC said...

@ CMrok93 - You hate to be paranoid, but you wonder if cheap plastic is going to be Erin Brokovich worthy?

@ Attila & James - it's a rough film year, and really, does anything but Will say 4th of July film weekend? James, I agree about taking him seriously...I mean he was the fresh prince of Belaire.