Friday, July 09, 2010

Justin Bieber - is this for real?

So, Justin Bieber's stardom seems to me a little out of control.

I'm mean were talking world wide celebrity status for a 16 year old kid who has only released a limited catalogue of music (My World, My World 2.0).

Yet his early popularity is more than viral, it's an epidemic. Even while most people aren't bopping around to his beats, you know his name, and how could you not. With a music industry that seems sort of dull, acts like Bieber and Lady Gaga seem to be scoring all the attention.

My wife and I picked up the CD from the library and well...I can't say I really get it...but I do get how stardom works and how Bieber seems to have the favor of the niche crowd that loves the Disney artists like The Jonas Brothers.

So the question I've been pondering today is...will Bieber's celebrity status last?

Probably 4 months ago, I would have said, "no way" and made a joke about Bieber hitting puberty, his voice cracking and him falling off the celebrity golden star bus.

But, I think I'm changing my tune...even if Beiber's tunes change too, and have to get a little deeper with voice changes.

I think there's no turning back.

As for how his celebrity status tracks, it's hard to say if he'll be a long lasting musical power house...there certainly needs to be a longer trail of successful discography.

Then again, Bieber could go the way of Lindsey Lohan too, but unless I'm underestimating his clean-cut status, that doesn't seem the pathway.

Regardless, Bieber seems like the stuff People magazine is made for, and with world wide celebrity status, I imagine this kid, talented or not, is here to stay.

A Note to Justin Bieber's mom: I know, I seem to not buy Justin's talent. I'm not saying he's talentless...just that maybe some of this is a snowball effect of good marketing and teen obsession. Obviously who am I too judge the 16 year old with a platinum albums, yada, yada, yada.

Photos from last night's world tour concert stop in Denver, Colorado posted on Popstar! Online.

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