Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sesame Street: The Performances & Lives of It's Guest Stars

One of the big scandals of the month has been the Katy Perry "outfit" in her Sesame Street song "Hot N Cold" which Sesame Street decided not to air due to the busty outfit Katy wears.

Sesame Street made the call not to air it, but of course...when a network makes a conservative moral decision some people get kind of on the offensive because they would not have made the same call.

My two year old doesn't watch much TV but sometimes on nights, like tonight, before she goes to bed she sits on the coach and we watch some Sesame Street songs together favorite like Destiny Child's version of "New Way to Walk" or India.Aire doing the alphabet with Elmo.

But I haven't watched Perry's opposite-based song Hot and Cold yet with her because...well we haven't asked her mom yet, and sometimes if things enter the gray-zone it seems wiser to stay away.

On the other hand, there's another video, which could be controversial because of the controversy with the singer. We watch it all the time, but sometimes I question whether we should watch the Chris Brown song "See The Signs."

Obviously Chris Brown is not a model-citizen with his abusive relationship with Rhianna in the press awhile back - but we still watch this video all the time...not to mention we've watched it enough I can sing it in the car without Brown's accompaniment.

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Anonymous said...

First time I watched a Sesame Street clip since I was an actual viewer as a toddler, so in that respect, Perry's casting was a success.