Saturday, October 23, 2010

2009 Top Films According to

It seems like over 9 months after the end of the year, the vote on IMDb's top 250 seem to settle (past the initial fan-boy love that shoots genre films to the top of the list) and gives us an idea of what votes on the internet movie database say are the best films.

I did a similar post last year around this time, and thought I'd do the leg-work again and see what is telling us was the must sees of last year. As a dynamic list this could all change as soon as I press "post" but it's an interesting snap-shot.

1. Inglourious Basterds ( rank #80)
2. Up (#89)
3. Avatar (#123)
4. District 9 (#126)
5. The Secret in their Eyes [El secreto de sus ojos] (#171)
6. Star Trek (#177)

Honestly, tthese rankings don't paint a very exciting picture for 2009 if you ask me. Of course some of my top films of 2009 don't hit the list. So, it is what it is. But this certainly doesn't suggest that 2009 was a magical year of film.

Would you agree with this being the consensus of 2009's top films?


Lorna said...

what are the criteria for "top"?

RC said...

the rankings/placement is based on users who have voted on the internet movie data base.

Anyone can vote.

I try to vote when I see films in part because I feel like the list is certainly skewed towards certain types of genre-films (some of which deserve their high ratings, others that hold them because the anti-fans haven't even bothered to see them).

Lorna - you can help "correct" the score by sharing your favorite - I have a feeling District 9 doesn't round out your top favorites of last year :-)

Anonymous said...

Having six films on a list of 250 is actually impressive. Ninety years of cinema would usually mean about three films per year.

However, none of the films from the last year would make my own 250,and Basterds was my favorite.

Unknown said...

'Up' deserves that ranking. I am glad it reach on top.