Monday, November 01, 2010

November: Anticipation, Family, and Better Movies

I must, say, I'm pretty excited it's November.

November is growing on me as a favorite month of the year. I'm not so sure about the change in cold weather, there's something about cool fall today, but things like time changes and dark drives to work and electric bills rising aren't quite my thing.

But despite the cold weather and darker days, there's something great about November. I think it's the anticipation of the holiday season. Not the stress, not the busyness, but the promise of a beautiful time of year with a different emphasis on togetherness, family, and celebrating.

November also offers the promise of a change in the film season. Suddenly the studios start bringing out the goods.

Now, I'm not sure what it says about Thanksgiving that the big thanksgiving films this year include Burlesque and a movie about a Viagra sales man (Love and Other Drugs), but the November film scene has some potential.

So start planning your November viewing now, here's a list of the major films coming out this November by category:

Due Date (Nov. 5)
Morning Glory (Nov. 10)

For Colored Girls (Nov. 5)
127 Hours (Nov. 5, limited)
Made In Dagenham (Nov. 19, limited)
Love and Other Drugs (Nov. 24)
Burlesque (Nov. 24)
The King's Speech (Nov. 26, limited)

Fair Game (Nov. 5, limited)
Unstoppable (Nov. 12)
The Next Three Days (Nov. 19)
Faster (Nov. 24)

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows I (Nov. 19)

Megamind (Nov. 5)
Tangled (Nov. 24)


Amy said...

Burlesque looks pretty terrible.

Lorna said...

There are very few of these that I'm keen to see: I'm a Harry Potter aficianado, and I'll probably see The King's Speech, but I'm definitely avoiding Due Date---Zack or Jack makes no difference