Monday, November 29, 2010

Franco & Hathaway

"This is a big year for Franco, with two prestige films, Howl and 127 Hours, and now a short story collection."

--RC of in post: Franco's Short Story Collection & The Aspiring Author

And now, the big year continues.

James Franco along with Anne Hathaway are reported to be this year's Academy Award hosts.

I anticipate Franco will earn an Oscar nomination as well for 127 Hours, so that will just add to Franco's accumulation of 2010 being a big year for the young star.

Honestly, I can see Hathaway having some funny charm that matchs with her goof-ball comedy turns (think Get Smart). James Franco on the other hand is hard to picture in a "successful" way, but who knows maybe I'll be wrong.

Picture credits: From Movieweb's post, Alien Prequel Wants James Franco and Anne Hathaway? Who knew that little infographic would be the precursor to the next Oscar hosts!

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