Sunday, January 02, 2011

Midlife Blog Crisis or What Will 2011 Look Like

I must admit, I'm having a little bit of a "midlife blog crisis" or something and it's been peculating over the past year, and the new year seems like an appropriate point to voice the "stress" or perhaps even turn a corner.

StrangeCultureBlog has long covered a series of topics, with the freedom for me to write what I want to write without a super boxed in subject. That being said, it wouldn't take long to see that StrangeCultureBlog covers news and discussions based around films, and even more specifically current or upcoming films.

Yet, for various reasons, the films in 2010 seemed less than entertaining, the discussion seemed less than engaging, and while I certainly found plenty I wanted to discuss, I've often considered turning a corner in my blog coverage.

Perhaps part of my thoughts on the "crisis" is that while hits have remained steady and blog subscriptions seem to have grown, the minimal comments and feedback sometimes seem to make me feel like I'm talking into space.

So when I consider convergent topics (whether of a personal nature regarding my alma mater's football team, thoughts on parents, contemporary religious subjects, etc.) I question whether that's in line with my readers interests...not that I'm writing for other's satisfaction, but if I'm talking into the wind.

So what will 2011 bring? I'm not sure. I usually try to talk about things that come naturally that I want to talk about, yet keep a rhythm of conversation with posts that reach back to other posts and trying to contact culture and contemporary arts.

Will this be reflective of 2011? I suppose we'll see.


Amy said...

I enjoy your posts about film and pop culture but I think you should write what you feel like writing about.

Lorna said...

I almost always read but only comment when I feel that my knowledge level is in the same ballpark as yours. Or when I can be funny. Like you I write for myself, or I'd be very discouraged. I'm lucky ot have two daughters who read and comment. I say keep it up until it doesn't please you any more, then let the lurkers down.