Saturday, February 19, 2011

50 Ways to Show People You Value Them

Recently in a small group Bible study, the conversation dealt with the importance of showing other people that we value them, and a small portion of the conversation then dealt with discussing ways we can show people this.

The questions been on my mind the past couple weeks so I thought I would put together a list.

50 Ways to Show People You Value Them

1. Look them in the eye when they're speaking
2. Use Ms. Manor's favorite words: Please & Thank you
3. Smile
4. Get to know strangers, so they're not strangers anymore
5. Provide positive and genuine feedback of other's work
6. Acknowledge the work of those who don't normally get acknowledged
7. Send someone a letter in the know...on paper, with a stamp on the envelope
8. Make sure people know what you appreciate about them
9. Do for someone what you're already doing for yourself (raking leaves, shoveling snow)
10. Remember the things that people have told you before
11. Follow up on topics that have previously been shared
12. Open up with others about yourself in a sincere way
13. Use body language that demonstrate openness and interest
14. Acknowledge the big moments in people's lives
15. Notice things that change about them (new hair cut, positive attitude, etc.)
16. Give them something you know they'll love
17. Do the chores or tasks for someone else that you know they don't like
18. Send an e-mail, Facebook message, or text
19. Pat them on the back (for real)
20. Put your arm around them
21. Give someone a hug
22. Listen to the details of what people are saying and ask more questions
23. Share a meal together
24. Remind them of why you appreciate them
25. Send flowers
26. Let others go ahead of you (through a door, in line, etc.)
27. Remember people's names and use them often
28. Learn to do someone else's hobby so you can do it together
29. Allow other people an opportunity to help you out allowing the friendship to be reciprocated
30. Acknowledge times when people need their space and give it to them
31. Open up your schedule for others
32. Bring them coffee
33. Tweet about them, Facebook about them, blog about them
34. Notice how people respond to things and ask about it
35. Ask about their family
36. Everyone loves cookies
37. Tell people how you feel about them
38. Invite someone to join you with your close group of friends
39. Pay for dinner
40. Talk about favorite memories
41. Laugh with, never at
42. Show people you value others by how you talk about other people when they are not around
43. Teach someone how to do something you already know how to do
44. Read someone else's favorite books so you can talk about them
45. Tag-a-long with them when they're doing the chores
46. Watch their kids, pet, house, garden
47. Learn what they're life looked like before you met them
48. Cheer for their sports team
49. Tell their boss they do a good job
50. Act without expecting something in return

What would you add to the list? Feel free to add some more.


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