Sunday, February 27, 2011

83rd Oscar Wrap-Up: Most, Best, Worst!

So what was the take away tonight folks?

The 83rd annual Academy Award ceremony is over.

The King's Speech
& Inception win 4 Oscars.

The Social Network
wins 3.

The Fighter
, Toy Story 3, and Alice in Wonderland win two.

The heavily nominated film, True Grit, wins none.

I scored 17 out of 24 of my predictions correct (the same as last year)...

No real upsets in the award ceremony (that's not saying there weren't a few categories people could see going a couple directions). The win by Colin Firth only adds fuel to continue the Reel (Real) People Series (this year 3 of 5 best actor nominees where "reel people;" 0 of the 5 actress nominees were "reel people")

Some Superlatives...

Most likely backlash...
The King's Speech might be in the position for some post award ceremony backlash, since it entered the award season as the underdog to The Social Network. Tom Hooper has a lot to live up to now.

Most to be gained by an Oscar win...
Melissa Leo might be the true winner from tonight's ceremony. After an active small career, she's on the map...even more than she was after her Frozen River nod, and her win in the supporting actress race (and a chance to be on everyone's TV...bleep out included) puts in her in place she wasn't 24 hours ago.

What We'll Remember about the 83rd Academy Awards...the awful job James Franco & Anne Hathaway did at hosting. Which is too bad, because it's not entirely their fault...they shouldn't have ever been selected in the first place. Billy Crystal please, don't just present the visual effects again.

Funniest presenter joke...
Jake Gyllenhaal joked about how the short film categories mess up people's Oscar ballots.

Best Speech By A "No-Name"...
with the very appropriate and engaging speech by Luke Matheny who won for his live action short "God of Love."

Best presenter
...Billy Crystal (runners up: Jude Law & Robert Downey, Jr; Jeff Bridges; Sandra Bullock)

Worst presenter
...Russell Brand with Helen Mirren (makes me concerned about the Arthur remake they're staring in).


Picture of James Franco and Anne Hathaway from
The Film Experience.
Picture of the Oscar stage with The King's Speech illuminated from In Contention.

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Lorna said...

I was delighted with the Melissa Leo win!