Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Oscars as Super Bowl

Happy Oscar Day.

Some people have before compared the Academy Award ceremony as the film version of the Super Bowl.

And if you ask me how excited I am for the ceremony (as a few people have already today) I won't know how to respond, because in many ways other events of the award season are more exciting to me...most specifically Oscar nomination morning.

I've started to think about the Super Bowl comparison to Oscars and realized that many sports fanatics seem more interested in the process of what gets a team to the Super Bowl then the game itself. Once the Super Bowl comes along there's some casual interest if it's not their favorite team, and in a sense there ready for the new season to start.

That's the way I usually feel on Oscar day to. I don't really care who wins, mostly because I feel like the final conclusion is generally determined, with the possibility of a few surprises. And whether David Fincher or Tom Hooper wins best director won't make or break my year...or even my day. I'm watching with curiosity, but not wild excitement.

If today is like the Super Bowl, it's like all of the sudden many people "tune in" to the film season at that last minute, tune into the telecast and lock in to the films that have made up the year.

Here's some other side by side thoughts.

The NFL & The Oscars
  • The Draft = The Announcement of film schedules and casting news
  • Exhibition pre-season games in the NFL = Early festivals, like Sundance Film Festival
  • Regular Season Games = Film Release Schedule, reviews and box office wins
  • Final season games for wild card spots = Early precursors, like the National Board of Review
    Playoff Games = Oscar nominations announced and additional precursor ceremonies, like the Screen Actors Guild awards
  • The Pro-Bowl = Golden Globe Awards & People's Choice Awards
  • Superbowl Half-time Show = The Oscar Host(s)
Happy Oscar Sunday, enjoy 83rd Oscar ceremony (Or "Academy Awards LXXXIII").

My official Oscar predictions will be coming out before the ceremony.

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