Saturday, April 16, 2011

Looking For Trends in Recent One-Word-Title Films

In the list of Oscar winning one-word-title films, it’s pretty clear that generally these are the biographical films that use a single name (Amadeus or Ghandi, for example) as a strong way of suggesting that this film is a definitive source for the telling of this biographical person’s defining moments.

But in today’s film culture, these types of films (think Capote in recent years) can often be respected, but aren’t the big films.

But one-word-title films are not rarities, in fact there’s something “cheap” about them – and by “cheap” I do not mean low-budget, often the opposite. Typically one-word-title films are going to be films that are thrillers or films that are designed for sequalization and so the shorter the title the better so you can slap those numbers after the title (this one word title issue has to help a film like Scream 4, over say the idea of I Know What You Did Last Summer 4).

There also seems to be a recent tendency to make animated films with one word titles, I’m not sure if that’s sequel directed, or something that Pixar introduced. It could be worth further investigation, but a clear trend worth noting & re-visiting.

With that in mind, I thought I would present a simple list of the one word title films that have already come out in the first four months of 2011. Some of these have been some of the bigger films of 2011 so far, they include:

• Beastly
• Hanna
• Hop
• Insidious
• Limitless
• Miral
• Paul
• Rango
• Rio
• Sanctum
• Unknown

Quite a few films fit this category, especially considering the fact we can anticipate this weekend will see 6 one-word-title films in the top 10 (Rio, Insidious, Hop, Hanna, Arthur, Limitless) not even counting Scream 4, a sequel of a one word title film.

Do you see trends?

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