Saturday, May 14, 2011

DIY & YouTube

My handyman skills rank LOW on the do-it-yourself scale. But, my google search skills are high.

My wife makes fun of the fact that I regularly do a youtube search to figure out to fix things, I think every year over the past couple years, I've needed a little help de-winterizing my sprinklers.

This year, was no exception. In fact, with water spraying from the sprinkler box and this year, Seth The Sportsman came to the rescue with this video (no need to watch it unless you're having the de-winterization blues).

Thank you, Seth - even the problem you had turning on the sprinkler's in your video ended up being my first problem as well, and so got the triggered spring fixed. Go, Seth!

My wife, who makes fun of me for these searches is also amazed when these things get fixed, whether that's the sprinkler system, the garage door, or the garbage disposal. Then the praises come, even if the form of "wow, you actually fixed it."


Anthony said...

I've watched YouTube fix-it videos TWICE in the past two weeks. First to relight the pilot light on the hot water heater, then today to replace the spark plug on the lawnmower. Both times I was successful.
And yes, Allison was also impressed.

Joseph said...

You can find a lot of stuff that you can use if you search on the internet. Good thing you considered it.

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