Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sesame Street's "What I Am" with Will.i.am

Over a year ago, I shared the joy of watching catchy Sesame Street songs with my toddler on youtube, particularly those songs that have celebrity performances.

Last year around this time the hit was Destiny's Child "New Way To Walk."

We certainly have some favorites, although my almost-three year old daughter has an attention span that extends beyond a 90 second sesame street song, although she certainly is not too old to enjoy watching some Sesame Street songs.

Recently, we've discovered a new favorite gem. I won't lie -- this one for some reason sort of makes me tear up when my almost three-year old daughter and I stumble through the lyrics together.

Surprisingly, I can't find it for sale or for download. So, no "What I Am" in the car with the kids.


ma said...

Reminds me of you...

rc helicopter said...

This guy shouldn't be on Sesame Street. He is a bad example and roll model. That's terrible.