Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Beakfast Song Set (A Saturday Morning top 10)

Here's our breakfast music set for today -- happy, fun, and very Saturday!

10. "That's Not Really Funny" by The Eels
9. "If There's Love" by Citizen Cope
8. "Maple Leaves" by Jens Lekman
7. "Simple X" by Andrew Bird
6. "This City" by Until June
5. "Rescue Me" by Gun
4. "If You'll Be Mine" by Baby Bird
3. "Pot Kettle Black" by Wilco
2. "Mighty Fine Blues" By The Eels (from soundtrack to Holes)
1. "She Can Do What She Wants" by Field Music
**pictured above, Field Music - looks like they might be eating breakfast too.


Jon said...

Just made a playlist of the songs on grooveshark. The only ones I couldn't find there were 5 and 6. Now to listen!

rc helicopter said...

Thanks for the playlist.