Monday, June 13, 2011

Trophy Kids

At the Breckenridge Film Festival this past weekend, I had the chance to catch the film Trophy Kids, directed by Josh Sugarman.

I must admit, when you walk into an independent film with limited information there is sometimes concern. And in this case, I was watching the film with a group of friends with varied taste.

So in our group of 10, I can certainly say the general consensus was that people liked the film, and honestly I think some were surprised at how they either connected to the film dealing with 20-somethings who were trying to figure out their future that didn't come to them like they hoped. But it's something different then just a coming of age 20's angst film.

It's stars (Ryan Eggold, Tahnya Tozzi, and David Gallagher) do a great job playing their roles in characters that have more depth that they would appear to have on the surface when the film begins.

Those in the group who didn't have glowing reviews for the film, suddenly found themselves in conversation about the film, which isn't that what most film makers probably want anyways? And Sugarman with Brandon Yankowitz have created a script that warrants discussion. The film seems like it's missing a little something in the beginning in the set up (and when I say the beginning, I'm not talking about the exciting 5 minute opening tease). And when it gets to the end it delays the wrap up, but still manages to tie it up with a couple of laughs.

And there are plenty of laughs, usually surprising. For some reason, the film seems to idolize Little Miss Sunshine, and the 1-to-1 comparison is certainly not there, except for the producers hope to perhaps mirror it's success. And while I don't expect that, I do hope this film does get some distribution that puts it before people, so I'm not just talking about it myself.

And if there is one complaint for this film, it's the fact that it's a film that falls into that similar trap of films about films, that unfortunately seems to be leave a little something to be desired. But the story would be hard pressed to re-write itself with this detail change.

Pictured above is David Gallagher in a dramatic scene from Trophy Kids - most will remember Gallagher from playing Simon Camden on 7th Heaven.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the film, too. I thought the special effects & acting were very good, exceeding my expectations for an independent film.

rc helicopter said...

Trophy kids, huh? Sounds interesting.

AK said...

Random note - we saw Super 8 on Saturday night and David Gallagher is in it. We had know idea and definitely did not expect to see him in movies two weekends in a row! :-)