Monday, July 25, 2011

Tweeting the Presidential Address on Debt Crisis

So Obama's Presidential Address on Debt Crisis is going on right now as I type this.

It's rude to tweet when you're watching a movie, but common when you're watching the President speak on TV.

So - here's an all around view of what people are tweeting...during the speech. Just a few of the messages, I'm seeing.

Jennifer Weiner
"I respect you too much as a person." Cut to Obama. I think the debt crisis just became real to me. See you on the flip side. #bachelorette

David S. Cohen
Disappointed but not surprised that Carmageddon and the NFL Lockout both were resolved before the (incredibly vital) debt ceiling talks

Elon James White
Obama has this weird thing he does--he keeps saying reasonable things and THINKS people will respond the same way. #DebtCeiling

Eugene Robinson
At this point I doubt there's political advantage for ANYONE in the debt ceiling standoff. Everybody loses

Social security checks at risk! Our AAA credit rating will be downgraded! Interest rates will skyrocket!

Eric Bandazewski
6. Wealthiest corporations and americans contribute nothing? Really? I had no clue they pay 0% in taxes instead of the highest tax bracket.

Adam D. Smith
The ONLY solution is to drastically cut spending, reduce government, shut down needless social programs, fire useless lazy gov't workers!

Steve Grasso
politicians definition of compromise: when the other guy does what you want.

Pete Nicely
Mr. Boehner, when your approval rating is 28% & you begin each sentence with "The American people want..." we're gonna need air quotes.

Dear Obama. We're not fed up by lack of compromise. We're FED UP THAT THE RICH ARE LOOTING OUR COUNTRY!

Joe Shaw
Summation: 2 plans, 1 week to go, POTUS likes the Sen (Dem) plan, but urges room/need for compromise, wants you to decide & tell congress.

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