Friday, August 26, 2011

Jobs, Steve Jobs

Anytime I turn on the news, it seems like there's a good dose of "business intrigue." Somehow the drama of business, while serious is more exciting then the old hat stories of political drama that most people seem to find more disheartening than news worthy.

Business news seems like it has faces, personalities, and characters.

Thank about this weeks main characters: Warren Buffet and his personal Bank of America bailout or the retirement of Steve Jobs (and the new CEO, Tim Cooke), and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz gets political by encouraging businesses not to donate to political campaigns.

One of things that we learned from The Social Network is that pop business can be intriguing film, because frankly how all the different story lines of business come together is plot, climax, and an opportunity for drama.

I laughed initially at the idea of a Mark Zuckerberg Facebook film, but it was one of my favorites of the year by the time it came to theaters.

The political film has long been a staple of the film industry, but I think the real life business story has a place too.

I think there would be a number of people who would love to see a movie about Steve Jobs. Or Howard Schultz, or Warren Buffet.

Other recent character bios that are film worthy include Bernie Madoff, Meg Whitman, Sergey Brin & Larry Page, Sam Walton and family, Jeff Bezos, Michael Dell, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Ingvar Kamprad, Ruport Murdoch, Phil Knight, Jack Dorsey or Walt Disney.

If it's done right, I'll show up to the Steve Jobs movie.

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Anonymous said...

your james bond/steve jobs picture is genius - I would hang that in my house