Saturday, October 22, 2011

App Thoughts: Tap Fish 2

So, when I recently got a new phone, I was cruising for apps for airplane/travel entertainment and saw that the "Tap Fish 2" app was a free and favorite application on the iPhone.

I navigated the application and figured out how it worked, and found it to be a completely unstimulating game, that was only made more frustrating by the fact that it's currencies (coins and dollars), was really a sham since the dollars essentially can only be purchased and the game, while totally functional at the free level taunted you with portions of the application locked away to someone who for whatever unhealthy reason would waste money on fish bucks.

The game, is in essence, a modern fishy version of the old "virtual pets" of Tamagotchi's - or in a way, a simpler version of a "Sim" game. (Tamagotchi, pictured right).

That being said - today I taught my three year old how to "feed the fish" and "clean the tanks" and she became obsessed, all day long asking if we could check to see if the fish were hungry.

We were with my parents, and being loving grandparents, they too wanted to see how they could share the opportunity of letting their grandchild feed the virtual fish.

That being said...these virtual fish have to eat every day, and if you don't feed them, they "virtual die" and can only be revived with those pesky fish bucks, so we'll see how long this last, but my daughter told me she would make sure every day she would feed the fish. (Is this the modern cry of a child for a pet?)

So, the application I almost deleted is now being logged into with regularity. Oh, Tap Fish!


mom said...

hahahaha...this could have been very incriminating!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love that your Dad's only iPhone app is Tap Fish 2 :-)

Anonymous said...

I must say this is weirdly funny app....

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