Thursday, October 06, 2011

College Football Realignment

If you follow college football - then the conference realignment is high drama. Rumors, speculation, announcements, and more speculation.

The 6 BCS conferences are all adjusting, with each domino impacting another.

The Big 10 has 12 schools.

The Big 12 is starting to sound like a rocket launch countdown...10...9...8....7...until today announcements were made that indicated that TCU, set to join the Big East next year, may go to the Big 12 (10, 9...) instead of hitting the Big East for the first year.

That's in part because the Big East just lost 2 teams to the ACC and the weakest football conference of the 6 is looking weaker.

The Pac 12 (last year's Pac 10) seems to always be in talks to become a super conference of 16 conferences, and the South East Conference (SEC) seems like it could chose to follow the same path as it expands from 12 to 13 teams next year when it picks up Texas A&M.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if what's happening is just musical chairs or something different, but there's a hope that this all settles and teams can play each other, rivalries and tradition can formed and re-established, and every week there won't be conference shifting news.

Although, it doesn't look like the shuffling is done yet and it's hard to tell where exactly this all goes, but if you blink you might miss something. Don't book your airfare for next years games yet, the ripples are still moving.


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