Friday, October 14, 2011

Phone Rant Revisted: Remember the Motorola RAZR?

I recently wrote a post title "Phone Rant" in which I complained about the state of the phone market and the smart phone, and the rapid transformation of the phone.

I wanted to post a picture of the Motorola RAZR - the hot "must have phone" from the past decade.

If I have my research right, it seems to me it was Fall 2005, that the Pink Motorola RAZR came out. I remember people attempting to break their cellular phone contracts in order to get your hands on this thin flip phone in pink.

I remember people paying a premium price (I want to say $200) for this top of the line "hot market" phone.

And that was just 5 years ago - in retrospect, I scratch my head trying to remember what the big deal was about the RAZR, I didn't have one, but I was pretty content with my cell phone at that time and it wasn't on the radar.

But perhaps if you can remember, why was it that this phone got everyone's attention and was the hot product offering?

Look how far the phone industry has come, and it's no wonder, I look at the industry and wonder where it goes next, and wonder if we are better for the changes in the phone industry (if we even want to call the new phone, a phone).

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AK said...

I totally had that pink RAZR - but not until 2007, when it wasn't the hottest thing anymore.