Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Trying Blockbuster Online Again (and Dissapointed)

Years ago - years...years...years...I did Blockbuster Online's DVD-by-mail program, and found myself disappointed with the program because it took too long to get video's and I didn't get the films that I wanted.

My wife and I do Netflix (on and off again) for the DVD by mail service especially when there's certain movies we want to see we know we can't easily get elsewhere, or there's a new TV show on DVD we want to rock 'n roll through.

With the changes to Netflix's prices (and there DVD by mail services) we decided to try out Blockbuster Online again to get a copy of Fox's Fringe, since we had enjoyed Season 1 and wanted to watch Season 2 & 3.

It was unbelievable, we stacked the queue to get Fringe, and in case it wasn't available, I put a couple other selections in following.

To my surprise, after waiting almost a week after subscribing to to get a DVD by mail, they shipped me something that was probably my 33rd option - a film in my queue that had been there years ago. I did the in store exchange to get a recent release my wife and I wanted to watch.

Upon returning that got another movie (very delayed) that was way back in my queue, and blockbuster skipped over all the recent movies to give me something that they would consider in one of their stores "a 99 cent favorite."

Blockbuster had a chance to gain my business, and lost it with slow deliveries and the failure to provide what I was requesting.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously - their service is the worse. It is the craziest thing... makes you wonder why you build a que of the movies you want them to send you when they will undoubtedly send you the 100th movie on the list instead of what you really want at the top.