Sunday, February 19, 2012

John Goodman & Oscar

One of the surprises of the 2011 film season to me was that John Goodman shows up in two Oscar nominated films (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close and The Artist). Now, John Goodman's role in neither of these films is substantial, but it's interesting to think how his career is continuing, or maybe even growing past his sitcom years on Roseanne.

But I think John Goodman (or his agent) has done an excellent job keeping Goodman busy in diverse roles, and in fact, I have to say, I'm starting to think maybe I don't respect John Goodman's skills.

He's found a role in a number of films of all types - whether it's voice work in animated films, extended TV roles, or of course, there's always The Big Lebowski.

But when I look at John Goodman's release schedule for 2012 he's not stopping and I have to wonder if John Goodman will be in a 2012 film that will be in the "best picture mix."

2012 is a lot of voice work, as seems to be John Goodman's bread and butter (he plays Paul Bunyan in Bunyan and Babe and has a role in Focus Feature's stop motion film ParaNorman).

But on a more interesting note, I'll be interested to see how John Goodman does in Ben Affleck's feature Argo about the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. Goodman plays John Chambers a make-up artist who helped the CIA with military transformations.

Another interesting potential, is Robert Lorenz' Trouble With The Curve. Lorenz who has worked closely over the years with Clint Eastwood, including co-producing and assisting in directing many of his most respected recent film, will be making his feature film debut.

Trouble With The Curve is the story of a elderly baseball scout taking his daughter on the road. The film stars Clint Eastwood and features Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake and John Goodman.

I have to be honest, my eyes on Argo and Trouble With The Curve for 2012. John Goodman could once again find himself in the mix of award season.

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